Mexico: A powerhouse in medical tourism

If there is a country that has obtained excellent income from an activity as interesting as medical tourism, that is, that variant of tourism where, instead of visiting places of interest or going to a holiday resort, you choose to attend a clinic to receive certain treatments or procedures, that’s Mexico.

This country has been, historically, a power in medical tourism, not only because of its proximity to the United States, which is a country where there are very good options to be educated in medicine, but also because, in addition, the national climatic characteristics, as well as the hospitality that characterizes its people, make it one of the best places to attend an office,  that is why today we are going to show you two of the services that have made Tijuana a power in medical tourism.

Dentistry: Almost essential medical service quite requested

Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to studying the teeth and treating the pathologies that may occur, both in the physical field, such as the treatment of caries and in the aesthetic sector, such as Brackets and dental implants.

All these services make up an important part of the income from medical tourism in the Aztec country, because it is necessary and practical to enjoy good dental health, because when eating food it is necessary not to have any type of discomfort, in addition, many people prefer to have an aesthetic smile when going out in a photograph.

It is estimated that a dentist in Tijuana with his own office may be in a situation in which almost half of his patients come from abroad or from other parts of the country, under this concept, it is possible to affirm that dentistry is one of the most requested services by medical tourists.

Cosmetic Surgery: The heart of medical tourism in Mexico

One of the reasons why Tijuana, a city in the state of Baja California Norte, is also known as the “capital of medical tourism”, is due to the large number of cosmetic surgeries that are performed there, in addition to the number of clinics in the city. Similarly, many professionals in this discipline have done studies in the United States to settle in the city and generate income from the implementation of their own clinic.

All these factors have brought, as a consequence, an unprecedented demand for the aesthetic operations that have a place in Tijuana, ranging from simple liposuction to a mommy makeover, which is when the appearance of a woman’s abdomen is restored to a state prior to that of a pregnancy.

This growing demand has reached such a point that many Mexico retirement communities have plans and agreements with clinics in Tijuana so that, those who wish, can undergo these procedures more easily than other people, achieving mutual benefits for individuals, retirement communities, and clinics.